Thanks for visiting cutencreepy.com! I'm Carny Val aka Valerie Scott I am an artist and musician that expresses myself with puppets. In 2017, I walked into a meeting of the PDX Puppet Collective Lab. Although I had been singing and making art since I was 5, I had never really given myself permission to explore puppetry, but wanted to all along. Through the PDX Puppet Collective Lab I found a mentor, the marvelous and miraculous Mary Nagler. Since then, I’ve explored all types of puppet construction techniques and performance styles. As I have explored, I’ve really been drawn to mascot puppets, kinectic art, video elements and shadow puppetry. I have been inspired by the live works of Manual Cinema, Shadow Light Productions, and Mind of Snail and have been mesmerized by the beauty in their work.

I consider myself a multi-potentialite which means I have had many interests in my life, most of which have been creative. I have gained knowledge in many subjects across the arts, crafts, music, and technology. It has been my love of learning that takes me in so many directions.  It is my hope to combine a few of my creative elements to make my work: my original music, video art, and puppetry. My personal vision is to create short form sci-fi music videos with lots weirdness, textures, colors and mondo amounts of silliness.

See my CV here.